Shinhan Vietnam Bank awarded the award 'Best Employer to Work' in 2019 HR Asia
2 years ago
Shinhan Vietnam Bank awarded the award 'Best Employer to Work' in 2019 HR Asia
Shinhan Bank (CEO Jinok-dong) said that Shinhan Vietnam Bank won the "Best Employer of the Year 2019" award at the HR Asia Vietnam Corporate Awards ceremony held on July 10 at the Center. Ho Chi Minh gem in Vietnam.
This award is given to Asian companies with optimal working conditions, and an annual awards ceremony will be held in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.
HR Asia has selected winners in an in-depth analysis of management strategies and employment of human resources, work environment and corporate culture of leading Vietnamese companies. Among the recipients of the award are representatives of Intel, Loreal, and Vietnam, including Vietjet air and Baoviet life.
Shinhan Bank, a bank official of Shinhan Bank, said: "Shinhan Bank has continuously developed the business environment to their employees, the largest asset of the organization, can achieve the best results. after entering Vietnam in 1993 ". "In addition, Shinhan Bank will focus on the ability to create a happy corporate culture without forgetting what is possible thanks to the dedication of each employee or group."
Meanwhile, Shinhan Bank currently owns 32 foreign banks, the largest number of foreign banks and plans to open 4 more branches in the second half to expand to 36 channels by the end of this year.