Zucoinchain & Bach Tuoc So signs multi fold agreement for online gaming development
2 years ago
Today, 13th Jan 2020, Zucoinchain CEO Salman Sheikh met with Bach Tuoc So management and CEO at their office in Saigon city and concluded the deal which both the companies were working on for the last few weeks.

The CEO of ZuCoinChain told our correspondent that he is proud and excited that finally ZuCoinchain was able to sign an agreement with Bach Tuoc So after lengthy negotiations going back few weeks. He also stated that it’s a leap forward for the company that one of the top 5 gaming developers in south east asia has agreed to collaborate with ZuCoinChain. According to Salman Sheikh , the company is committed on creating utilities for it’s community and want to bring uniqueness into the project.

The CEO of Bach Tuoc So Mr. Jacky stated that he is thrilled by this development and believes that ZuCoinChain has a great future in Crpyto Markets and declared ZCC a big Success of the year 2020.

According to the agreement signed, Bach Tuoc So will develop global online gaming platform and other application based games that can be played just by depositing ZCC as payment option, where masses can play online games, different sports merely by using Zucoinchain as a payment gateway.

According to the agreement which is signed by Salman Sheikh CEO of ZuCoinChain and CEO of Bach Tuoc So, games will be integrated with ZCC wallets and will be embedded in www.zulufinance.com / www.zuchain.io where people can simply open an account and play online games and other application based games (like soccer, cricket etc) on their phones.

Apart from this according to the agreement Bach Tuoc So will do an airdrop of ZCC to it’s existing 3 million users which will give a boost to ZCC and Bach Tuoc So market visibility and collaboration. This airdrop will be done directly by Bach Tuoc So and will target the gaming community.

Bach Tuoc So which is among the top 5 gaming development firm in south east Asia has expressed their commitment and are proud to collaborate with ZuCoinChain which is an emerging crypto coin.

At the end both CEOs declared 2020 as a ZU year and prayed for this collaboration to grow and take both the companies to next the level.


About Bach Tuoc So

Bach Tuoc So JSC is a multi-industry investment Group with products and services applying information technology platforms.

Established since 2011, Bach Tuoc So with an in-depth start in the field of Online Games ,pure Vietnamese with outstanding products such as (Huyen Thoai Vo Lam, Vua pha hoai, Vo Lam Ba Đo, Ban ca, The Up, Right Or Wrong...)

By 2016, with the long-term vision of the executive team with strong financial potential and understanding of technology market, Bach Tuoc So actively invests in developing new fields. (technology applications to operate and develop) including: Mobile Application Development; Blockchains platform in the fields of life; Real estate; Ecommerce; Apartment for rent.

· Website: http://bachtuocso.vn/


About ZuChain 

ZuCoin is a blockchain-based investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments starting from $100 in the investment products with a high threshold, such FX Trade, ambitious startups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, Crypto projects and others.

Tại sao là ZuChain?

Zuchain will serve as a disruptive alternative to the Automated bots, digital brokerage platforms, and general retail investing services that form the current wealth tech market.

· Website: Zuchain.io


ZuCoinChain was officially launched and made public on the 7th November 2019 at Bangkok Palace Hotel Thailand By CEO Salman Sheikh and the team.