Police Looking into Additional Sexual Harassment Allegations against Former Busan Mayor
10 tháng trước
The Busan Metropolitan Police Agency is looking into another sexual harassment allegation against former Busan Mayor Oh Keo-don who resigned on Thursday after admitting to sexually harassing a female civil servant.

The Busan police said Friday that in addition to the case that Oh admitted to, they also launched an internal probe into allegations raised last October by a YouTube channel that Oh had sexually harassed a public employee.  

The channel raised such speculations as it claimed that large amounts of money had been exchanged at Oh’s election campaign when he was running for the mayoral post in the 2018 local elections.  

Oh strongly blasted such claims and filed a lawsuit against the channel’s three operators for damages worth 500 million won.  

As for the internal probe on the case that led to Oh’s resignation, police are trying to uncover more details, including when the harassment took place and are reviewing under what category the latest case falls under in terms of laws on sex crimes.  

Meanwhile, Oh’s whereabouts have remained unclear since he confessed to the sexual harassment during a news conference on Thursday.

Theo: world.kbs.co.kr